We have developed 2 inhouse products



We make sure you will stay updated about the medical science.

Don't have time to read the detail trials? Don't have time to read the detail latest news? Then we are here with the solution! Clinate will provide you the brief about the latest trials and news in the world of medicines. Clinate will aggregate the news and trials from all the websites and journals to give you the best user experience about the latest happenings in medical feild.



Cardiomeet is a scientific content network for Cardiologists. It will enable Cardiologists to connect and network with the best brains of the world and get quality content.

Current features of cardiomeet are:

  • 1. Trails
  • 2. Articles

Upcoming features:

  • 1. Case studies
  • 2. Cardiology Events
  • 3. Messaging
  • 4. Leaders board